Rugged Surf

Jeff Komisarof

I was born outside of Philadelphia. From a young age, my parents instilled in me an appreciation for Nature. Traveling to the American West awakened a love of photographing the landscape. It is images from my travels across our beautiful country and beyond that you will be seeing on exhibit.

Personally experiencing Nature is a healing and restorative process. It puts us back in touch with the forces that seem so remote in our modern world. Once we get out into the wild, it reinforces that our planet is a living, changing entity.

I hope these photographs of my travels through the sanctuary of Nature evoke a sense of the overwhelming beauty that is out there for those willing to walk off the beaten path, a wanderlust to explore and experience this great Earth, and the motivation to protect this unique and irreplaceable gift that has been bestowed upon us from the destructive thirst for profit that threatens it more than ever.

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Rugged Surf

Rugged Surf