Reflected Images

Audrey Salkind

As an exhibiting artist my work is represented in private and corporate collections all across the United states and the Caribbean.

I find inspiration in the ordinary: the side of an old building, a broken‑up sidewalk, even in a demolition project. Large and small groupings of objects, along with the negative spaces surrounding them, stir my artistic imagination. Composition, space, color and above all, tension, are my concerns when beginning my abstract paintings. The negative areas surrounding the image are as important to me as the image itself.

Creativity requires elimination and simplification. Often representational forms and figures first applied to the canvas will be painted over to depict variations of geometric shapes, sometimes allowing the underlying image to appear on the surface of the canvas.

I am keenly aware not only of nature but of architectural forms and I try to selectively depict this in my work. I strive for a feeling of movement, thereby creating the tension I am looking for.

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Reflected Images

Reflected Images